LivCo Corsetti Fashion
Wenedów 1A
75-847 Koszalin
phone: + 48 94 34 35 970
fax: + 48 94 71 70 580
mobile phone: + 48 604 406 785

Marketing and PR Office
phone: +48 94 34 35 970 ext. 3
mobile phone: +48 606 36 55 24

Sales Department
phone: +48 94 34 35 970 ext. 4
mobile phone: +48 606 36 56 76
Commercial Department
phone: +48 94 34 35 970 ext. 6
mobile phone: +48 606 36 56 50

Export Department
phone: +48 94 34 35 970 ext. 5
mobile phone: +48 606 36 55 09


In order to gain access to wholesale prices, terms of cooperation and the possibility of placing orders online, please send information:

1. E-mail address:

2. Name and surname

3. Company name


5. Company address

6. Country

7. Telephone number 

and send us the company's registration documents.
Documents can be sent to us by e-mail to or by fax to +48 94 71 70 580. After sending the necessary documents, the data contained in them will be verified and after successful verification, the account will be activated and you will be informed about it by e-mail. by e-mail.

Copies of the company's registration documents can be sent by e-mail or fax. ATTENTION! The message of the above-mentioned copies of documents is necessary to start cooperation.

If you have any questions, please contact us:

Commercial Department
tel .: +48 94 34 35 970 ext. 4
mobile phone: +48 606 36 56 76



Do you sell via the Internet?

We have the perfect cooperation model for you.

Dropshipping - a logistic model of online sales consisting in transferring the shipping process to the supplier. The role of the online store in this logistics model is reduced to collecting orders from customers and sending them to the wholesaler that carries out the shipment to the customer.

Freezing the company's capital in the goods is the so-called a necessary evil, but it can be avoided by Dropshipping (aka Drop Shipment ). In this system, you do not need to invest any money in goods that are in arrears.

You already know that you don't have to invest capital in a commodity to be able to sell it. Ideally, you already have a sales channel (such as an online store or auctions). All you need to do is add products from our warehouse to the offer of your sales channel to instantly earn money on goods that you do not physically own. Your customers do n't need to know about it!

What is dropshipping?

You sell - We ship.

In your online store (or other sales channel) you display our products, and when one of them sells, we send the goods directly to your customer.

You are involved in customer acquisition and sales, while we manufacture, pack and ship the goods to the address provided.

Why is it worth what we offer?

No subscription, minimum logistics, commission, integration costs and other hidden surcharges.

  • you do not have to invest in purchasing the goods
  • no storage costs
  • no logistic costs - all activities related to packaging and shipping organization are taken over by us
  • reducing administrative costs - our team deals with the implementation and shipment of each order



In this way, you will become a modern company, saving hundreds of thousands of PLN on storage costs. You also save your time that you can use in other ways.
We will make the shipment for you.

Please contact

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