Masks, gloves and hair bands

Gloves, masks and garters work perfectly. It is a perfect complement to evening creations. Gloves resemble the time of movie stars who willingly took care of themselves, and with gloves emphasized slender hands and their beauty. The beauty of the hands, hands and silhouette is a matter worthy of attention. Without it, not a move. It is worth taking care of yourself and buying such unique accessories. They are perfect for many evenings, they are nice and emphasize the beauty of ladies of any age and of any type of beauty.

Pink is sensual

The pink band, wide, finished with a bow, looks perfect. High quality, elegance and a way to maintain long hair are the advantages of this thing. The beautiful band has style and looks fabulous. Dressing up is sensual fun. The mask in the form of a rabbit head with long ears looks really fabulous. It has quality, it is beautiful and stylish. It is worth wearing it on many occasions, it is a thing worthy of interest. You can choose such a mask to raise the temperature in the bedroom. The beautiful presence of such a mask is what delights ladies and their partners.

Masks, gloves are mystery and sensuality

A sophisticated silver mask in the form of embroidery, with sequins, overlapping the forehead on one side looks really fabulous. It is worth enjoying such a mask and wearing it whenever necessary. Customers appreciate what is beautiful, unique and atmospheric. Such a mask decorates and adds beauty, and every lady can feel like during the carnival in Venice. For this it is worth choosing lace black gloves with pink accents, which have style and are exceptionally matched to the beauty of many a lady. They will emphasize the beauty of the ball dress, they will also work in the evening in the bedroom. The beauty of such gloves is breathtaking.

Lace gloves, masks, garters

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Sawanim garters are sensual, beautiful and unique. It is worth reaching for them and it is worth wearing them as often as possible. The high quality of such garters is the basis, they have style and are unique. Quality is what works best. 

Thanks to such beautiful things, you can feel really sensual and erotic.

Sometimes a well-matched piece of accessory is all you need to make yourself shine! Our range of sensual gloves, mysterious masks, feather-light garters, and other adornments lets you experience the night to the fullest. No lingerie outfit is complete without some sexy add-ons — whether you keep them on till morning, or lose them the first chance you get, is entirely up to you. Start exploring our collection of little accessories right away and decide which of them will go straight to your special drawer!

Garters, masks, gloves, and more — sensual accessories for the night

Though this section of our lingerie store might be described as pretty diverse — no doubt about it — there is still a strong sense of consistent style to it. If you’re a fan of subtle, yet at the same time extremely intriguing lace, sensual designs, and a bit of fun on top of it, you’re in the right place! We have garters available in many different styles and colourways. We have face masks to spice things up in the bed room, and we have some intricate gloves to complete the picture. You could say we have it all!

As for the colourways, we stick to the classics — for the most part of course. Most of the accessories come in black, which often is the safest choice, when it comes to night-time play. If you’re feeling extra adventurous, you’ll probably lean toward something with red accents (or a pink bunny mask, to take things even further). For the ones who like to keep thing nice we prepared a collection of garters and gloves in white.

Choose your sexy outfit for the night!

Feel free to get yourself acquainted with our selection of accessories — gloves, headbands, garters, facemasks, and more! We believe that comfort comes from quality and freedom to choose your own path. And what better way to express oneself, than through sexy lingerie accompanied by some stylish adornments?

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